Charles Farmer was a blessing to many

Charles Farmer liked my dad.

Sure, many people (I think) love Doc Hall, but to like him can be something a bit more challenging. He can be any one (or combination) of the following: loud, goofy, obnoxious, stubborn and in unnamed-2.jpgthe interest of any potential inheritance someday I’m going to stop listing them
(although to be fair, I’m really just naming things about myself since the apple and tree find themselves in close geographic proximity).

For whatever reason, Charles liked all those things. Maybe they shared them in common, or maybe Charles viewed Dad as somewhat of an opposite and appreciated those things which he was not. No matter; the important thing is it existed.

And I’ll always be grateful for that.

Every time I saw Charles (and sadly, that wasn’t nearly often enough), he’d do two things: 1) hug me; and 2) ask “How’s your dad?”

He delivered both with complete sincerity.

I like to think of the two of them talking at Powell County ballgames, sitting there like an aged Laurel and Hardy (or Farley and Spade for a younger audience): one a giant, in physicality and personality, the other smaller and quieter, likely telling stories that would make their respective wives chastise them.

Now, Charles is gone.

The last time I spent time him was around Labor Day, as I sat in his Powell County home with his son (and my good friend) Tom before we gathered for our fantasy football draft. Charles was thin, too thin, his clothes hanging off him like a young boy playing dress up in his dad’s shirt.

His smunnamed-1.jpgile, though, filled the house, as we chatted (and, of course, hugged). He and his wife Mary offered me food, basically opening their home to me as though I was one of their own children.

I wish I could’ve stayed longer.

Time, though, is never long enough.

To Mary, Tom, Jim and Becky, we mourn with you and hope you find comfort knowing what he meant to us. A good word and hug from your dad could lift my spirits; I’ll carry that with me the rest of my life, particularly when I think of my own dad. Charles provided me with a priceless gift: seeing my dad through the eyes of someone else who could look past flaws and see the man within.

Charles Farmer liked my dad.

We will always love Charles Farmer.

6 thoughts on “Charles Farmer was a blessing to many

  1. He was an awesome neighbor loved sitting on the front porch with him and Mary talking about life and them enjoying the kids and the kids enjoying them he will be missed

  2. Wonderful man, full of life never showed his struggles. I will make sure my daughter knows who Charley is. He loved talking to my dad and brother in law about going fishing on his boat. He loved our kids.

  3. He was amazing….him and Mary always smiling…loved that mom and dad became neighbors with them two. My husband looked forward to the reading celebration just to spend time with Charlie. God bless you and family Mary….

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