Rose Lynn Walks (a blog to the tune of Jesus Walks, of course)

My mom has started walking every morning. I think it’s helping her sense of humor as much as it is her health.

Mom usually sends me a text from the track, letting me know she’s walking. My sister Deana and I have long encouraged Mom to start exercising to help her avoid some medical issues when she gets older. Mom is young(ish) and in good(ish) shape, so starting a routine now would likely pay major benefits down the road.
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The Searchers

I’m worried about my readers.

I’m more worried, though, about what kind of content on my blog is drawing them to So … There I Was.

I should probably include a note here that says something like: The following blog contains some adult language. Very adult language in some parts.
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Yes, Mother, computers ARE scary

About two weeks ago, I received an odd notice from my mom: “I’m going to join Facebook.”

My mom is 62 years old, knows little to nothing about computers or social networking and has scant business being on Facebook. Most of my concern, though, is that she’d end up being the only person to post on my Wall, which is really kind of sweet but really more embarrassing.
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The Mookie Chronicles

Back in my days at Georgetown News-Graphic, my friend (and sports editor) Josh Underwood would occassionally ponder which nickname would best suit him. The would usually lead to a spirited round of debates within the newsroom, often with someone pointing out that you can’t pick your own nickname — it has to evolve naturally for it to work.
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Random things on a rainy day

There is no major point or theme to today’s entry, so please don’t expect a little thread tying it together at the end.

While I’m absolutely loving this season of Lost, there are a few things that I think really need to get brought back into the show’s mix as soon as possible: Farraday, Desmond and John Locke. I know it’s partly selfish as those are three of my five favorite characters (Sawyer and Juliet being the other two), but mainly it’s because of the great acting each brings to every episode. Also, I miss the use of the word “brutha.”
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