Hot foot! Hot foot!

I’ve been looking for a new pair of shoes (sneakers, to be technical about it), and in the process looked at, which I always highly recommend. They are a fantastic online company with free shipping both ways, meaning that if you try on a shoe and it doesn’t fit/look right/whatever, you can send it back without problem. Plus, their workers are friendly, so it’s just a win-win, and when keeping in mind they usually have the shoes marked down, it’s a triple-win of value.
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Gollum would be pissed

Dear T.G.I.Friday’s,

I visited your Lexington location near Fayette Mall the afternoon of Sunday, July 13, looking for a quick, convenient meal with a friend who was under some time constraints but didn’t really want to go to McDonald’s. We have always enjoyed your chain establishment, and for the most part, we had an enjoyable meal on this particular visit.

However …

Might I suggest that in the future, your servers notify patrons of The Great Onion Ring Famine of ’08 (that’s pronounced “aught eight,” which makes it sound more old-timey) so as to avoid any confusion and/or hard feelings.
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Have it your way

I’ve tried writing a witty introduction, but each time I ended up deleting it and starting over. Instead, I’ll just say this: Driving down U.S. 25 in Georgetown Monday evening, I saw this sign out side an auto mechanic’s shop, and after chuckling (then guffawing), I turned around and snapped a picture.

Leave your best photo caption suggestions in the comments section. I’ll buy the winner an ice cream cone (or a milkshake, if you prefer).
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