Secret Haitian Man

There will be no pictures posted this time. By the blog’s end, you’ll see why and thank me.

The last two mornings I’ve spent a little bit of time helping Troy in the clinic.

By “helping,” I mostly mean “observing,” as I realize more and more each day I’m not cut out for the medical life. This might seem odd, seeing how I work for a health department, but I slice and dice my way through press releases, not patients.

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Secret Haitian Man

Before heading to bed last night, my sister warned me that it can be difficult to sleep because of a) getting accustomed to the heat; b) the various noises from the village; and c) the sun rising at 5:30 a.m.

None of those proved to be a problem, at least not on my first night, but I’m mainly crediting that to my complete lack of sleep Friday night, which lead to almost total exhaustion my first few hours in Haiti.

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