A blog by Art Vandelay, or How Seinfeld Made Something Out of Nothing and Shaped My Life

Toward the end of eighth-grade and into high school, I became hooked on stand-up comedy. I would watch A&E’s An Evening at the Improv, MTV’s Half-Hour Comedy Hour and any other collection of comedians I could possibly get, all while soaking up the styles, deliveries and word play.

I’m guessing, though I can’t be fully certain, that somewhere along the way I caught a glimpse of Jerry Seinfeld (now that I think about it – and yes I have honestly thought about it during the amount of time to write “ … cant be fully certain …” and this parenthetical aside – I probably saw him on The Tonight Show). The humor struck a note (or, if you prefer, my funny bone), so on evening of May 31, 1990, this then-high school freshman turned on NBC and watched what was at the time called The Seinfeld Chronicles.

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TTO goes digital: ‘I Really Like Corn’

I nearly flunked out of college my freshman year.

Some people get bad grades because of too much drinking or overall general stupidity, but for Aaron Saylor and me, it came down to two things: too much late-night basketball (although, to be fair, we did become sort of legendary at the North Campus blue courts) and planning a radio show.
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