Yes, kids, 213 really happened in Stanton, Kentucky

In going through some old newspaper clippings a couple of weeks ago, I found this old column I had published in The Clay City Times sometime in the fall of 1997. For those who aren’t familiar with Powell County history, this was an odd time in Stanton, as we had been receiving some statewide (and perhaps national) attention for a so-called “gang,” better known as 213, after the death of its chief tuff and a subsequent riot after the funeral.

Back then, I found the whole thing hard to believe, and now, 15 years later, I find it even more ridiculous to think the “hard” streets of Stanton were being patrolled by a gang of hoodlums and hooligans.

I’ll leave it to you decide, from your memories, from your imagination, and now, from this. Enjoy:
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