Words carry weight; choose them with love

Our words carry weight, with messages both subtle and obvious. People are listening, often paying close attention, whether you know it or not.

Some choose to hide behind a message of hate, tossing off words without a care in the world who gets harmed in the process. It’s sad that all that’s being asked is tolerance; that’s not even acceptance. It’s merely the absolute least that can be provided – “yes, I tolerate you.”

There is, however, another choice.

Last week, the Georgetown News-Graphic published a column I wrote in response to a married couple’s letters to the editor bemoaning the fact that same-sex couples now share that same right to marry. The response, fortunately, was overwhelmingly positive, with friends and strangers alike sharing the love.

One, though, stood out, and it’s with the family’s permission that I share this story:

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Paper afraid of Oklahomasexuals

My friend Daniel wrote a column for a daily newspaper in Oklahoma this week that has apparently ruffled some Sooner feathers. You can read it here: You love who you love, world.

Since it appeared in the paper, Daniel’s publisher has warned of angry readers and advertisers, neither of which are great things in the newspaper world. I applaud Daniel, though, for writing this piece and for taking a stand, even though he’s still VERY new at the job and put himself at a major risk.

So, I ask you to give your support and write to eddarling@duncanbanner.com and let him know that you stand firmly beside Daniel’s message. I, for one, want to let him know that since his panties are already in a wad, it’s a good thing he apparently has no balls.