ESPN article highlights love, hope following disaster

I don’t often share links to national articles, the thinking being that most of you have probably seen the article one way or another by the time you make it to this site. This time, though, I’m compelled to share, no matter if youv’e seen it or not.
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Fantasy football isn’t just numbers and nonsense

If you don’t want to read about football, stop now.

If you don’t want to read about fantasy football, stop now.

But if you want to read about brotherhood, then brutha, by all means, continue.

This Saturday, the 2010 version of The Skullz Fantasy Football League begins with our annual draft held, as usual, at the Cory S. Graham Sports Complex/Clay City Music Hall. There will be Mama Crowe’s pizza. There will be chicken wings. There will be trash talk and girl talk, groans over missed opportunities in the draft and laughter over poor picks.
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