The UKrain

Today, for the first time in 21 years, I’ll be attending a University of Kentucky football game.

To put this in perspective, the last time I saw UK play in person, Florida’s star quarterback Tim Tebow was just a year old. (Speaking of Tebow, reports are now showing he’s suffering from the flu today, which gives UK more of a chance to win, but I’m guessing the QB will just add this to his list of head-shaking accomplishments, leading his team to a tough win while disgustingly sick).

I saw UK play Central Michigan on Sept. 3, 1988, on a trip with the Powell County Middle School football team. It was our first year of existence, and I knew very little about football. All I recall about that UK game was the rain. And more rain. And even more rain.

The skies opened and flooded Commonwealth Stadium, leaving us soaked but happy. Beyond that, I can’t remember a thing.

Today, though is different, but mainly only in that Kentucky is actually a good team now. The rain, of course, is returning, making it a perfect circle for my return to Commonwealth. Forecasts are calling for rain all day, and even though it’s supposed to end by game time, I’m not counting on it. I’ll have a poncho. I’ll have my hand-sanitizer (can’t let those pesky flu germs get to me).

But most of all, I’ll have fun.