A Scar is Born: 20 years later, a mother’s love continues

Her scar stretches across her skull, from one ear to the other, hidden at first behind a scarf, later by her hair, kept short partly for style, partly as a reminder. But it’s there, it’s always there, a faded smile left behind on her skin from the hands of doctors (or, if you prefer, the hand of God). The scar tells us to live and to love, to be patient and forgive, to pray and be thankful.

And so, I need to tell you about that scar.
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Yes, Mother, computers ARE scary

About two weeks ago, I received an odd notice from my mom: “I’m going to join Facebook.”

My mom is 62 years old, knows little to nothing about computers or social networking and has scant business being on Facebook. Most of my concern, though, is that she’d end up being the only person to post on my Wall, which is really kind of sweet but really more embarrassing.
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