Ranking the Most Godforsaken Teams in the NFL

More than any other professional sports league, the NFL has the most success with parity, with playoff teams switching out year after year and at least one “worst to first” story every season. Despite this, though, it definitely seems some franchises are better at, well, everything than others.

This could be due to many factors: front-office know-how, solid coaching, All-Pro players. Or, more likely, it could just be which teams have pleased the Football Gods.

So, Cory Graham and I give this list to you:

The Most Godforsaken Franchises in the NFL
32. New England Patriots
Kevin: Historically, they’ve not been overly blessed, but this decade-plus string of dominance is beyond impressive. They’ve basically become the Yankees and Lakers of the NFL, and that sound you heard was Bill Simmons dying a little.
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Skip Bayless reaches new lows tweeting about Seau

Skip Bayless can go straight to hell.

In the days after former NFL legend Junior Seau’s suicide, ESPN talking head and alleged journalist Skip Bayless, a man notorious for knowing absolutely nothing about anything, proved to be an expert in at least one thing: moronic Twitter messages.
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The 2011 Presidential Fantasy Team

Since the NFL is set to kickoff roughly an hour after President Obama starts his long-awaited “jobs” speech to America, I thought it would be appropriate to combine two of my favorite things into one mashed-up blog. So, I give you this:

The 2011 Presidential Fantasy Team

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The world thinks Michael Vick is a scary black man

Michael Vick is the single worst person to have ever lived, somehow combining all the negative qualities of all the evil people in all the world of all time.

Some people will no doubt agree with that sentence, while others will grasp the concept of sarcasm. In the past few days, the media has been buzzing more and more about Vick and how he’s a monster for his crimes against humanity and, I guess, caninity.
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The Searchers

I’m worried about my readers.

I’m more worried, though, about what kind of content on my blog is drawing them to So … There I Was.

I should probably include a note here that says something like: The following blog contains some adult language. Very adult language in some parts.
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Bet on it: Your guide to weekend football, Week 4

I’m ashamed of my picks from last week, suffering through a 1-3 mark in college (I’m now 5-4 on the year) and 9-7 in the pros, bringing my overall mark to 32-16.

In college, I missed out on wins by UK, Michigan and Georgia. In the NFL, it was Philadelphia, New York Jets, Green Bay, Kansas City, Jacksonville , New York Giants and Dallas.

So, for this week use caution when following these picks:
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