Springsteen’s Wrecking Ball a call to action and a lyrical/musical punch to the gut

Bruce Springsteen’s more overtly political albums tend to have a quieter feel, as though the music couldn’t match the vitriol of the lyrics. In albums like Nebraska and The Ghost of Tom Joad, Springsteen mostly armed himself with an acoustic guitar and a harmonica, painting stories of bleakness in which the promise of hope was as sparse as the music.
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Most Georgetown City Council candidates leave much to be desired

Note: For those of you accessing this blog after reading a column in Georgetown News-Graphic, please be advised that the following is rated “M” for Mature and contains adult language, sexual situations and partial nudity.

The hard part of the upcoming Georgetown City Council election might be finding eight people to mark on the ballots. With the extreme dysfunction of the past four years (including several “What the Hell?” moments in the past two), I fully support the idea of bringing some change to the group.

Finding the right would-be leaders to bring about that change, though, might prove to be somewhat tough.
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