For Norman: My Ride’s Here

The text from his daughter arrived early this morning.

My friend Norman died at about 1:30 a.m. June 28, taking him on to the next part of his journey. Today, I’m thankful not only for Norman’s life but also because he got the chance to say farewell. He got the chance to celebrate his life with his loved ones, and in doing so, gave us one final opportunity to let him know the impact he has had on us.

The grace with which Norman faced his cancer reminded me of Warren Zevon, the brilliant singer/songwriter who wrote and recorded an album detailing his pending death. Zevon’s “My Ride’s Here” is one of the most touching looks at life and death I’ve ever heard, and Bruce Springsteen’s cover is one of my favorites.

So, today, this goes out to Norman and his family.

4 thoughts on “For Norman: My Ride’s Here

  1. So sorry about Norman. This is a beautiful song and makes me cry every time I hear it. This is the 1st time I’ve heard the Bruce version and it’s good too. Warren Zevon is one of the greatest songwriters of our time. Listen to “Learning to Flinch”. It’s a live W.Z. album and it is amazing! Boom Boom Mancini and The French Inhaler on that album…all of them really. And W.Z. is the reason I’m obsessed with staying at a Westin.
    Anyway, it is a perfect song for Norman I’m certain.

  2. Norman was a great person. I only knew him briefly but I was good friends with his daughter and I felt like I knew him personally because of the intense way she loved him and spoke of him with such admiration! My thoughts and love goes out to his family and friends.

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