An email that in no way alludes to the NBA’s blocking of a trade

The following is an email I sent to the NBA Store in response to a promotion I received about a sale on all NBA-related items:

I have a huge order in mind involving two of my friends and me, with each giving up something in return. It will include a swap of clothes we currently have, clothes we’d like to order now and clothes we plan on picking in the future. We’re completely ready to place this order now, and start talking about our great NBA attire for the coming season (including posting information and pictures on Facebook and Twitter).

One question: what happens, though, if we make the purchase and one friend’s elderly grandfather says the order isn’t in the best interest of our basketball wardrobe? Does’s return policy cover that? I’d hate to think anything affiliated with the NBA could completely screw over someone like that.

Please let me know.

Kevin Hall

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