A Kindness Project: The Hall a Day Season

I do not want my kindness to be in hindsight.

As I’ve mourned recent deaths and mulled my own mortality, I’ve thought about what I’m putting into the universe.

I do not like the bitterness I’ve developed.

As the world rages around us, mostly thanks to the hate waged by the current administrations, I find myself boiling inside, my cynicism growing while my eyes are rolling.

It’s not healthy.

Perhaps more importantly, it’s not happy.

As I hold my son and hug my wife, I am overwhelmed by love. I’m reminded of why I care so passionately about this world. I will continue to fight the good fight, to rebel and resist, but I also have a new project in mind.

Starting today, I plan to write little notes of public appreciation to people who do things of meaning to me. It could be as big as stances they take or as simple as the music they have turned me onto.

Thanks for indulging me. I offer to you The Hall a Day Season.

1 thought on “A Kindness Project: The Hall a Day Season

  1. First, thank you for this. I find it difficult to remain hopeful when I am so overwhelmed with hopelessness. This helps. You help.


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