Skip Bayless reaches new lows tweeting about Seau

Skip Bayless can go straight to hell.

In the days after former NFL legend Junior Seau’s suicide, ESPN talking head and alleged journalist Skip Bayless, a man notorious for knowing absolutely nothing about anything, proved to be an expert in at least one thing: moronic Twitter messages.

On Thursday, Bayless tweeted this: “Jr Seau: Classic case of the NFL warrior who couldn’t re-enter society and find happiness after he could no longer do battle on Sundays.”

I guess Bayless is also pretty solid at being a son of a bitch.

Bayless’ tweet, to me, says “Seau was just another person too weak to continue.” That’s an insult to Seau, NFL players, athletes, ex-athletes, anyone who has had depression and anyone who has known someone who has had it. The comment is tasteless, thoughtless and heartless.

Like many of us, I’ve had periodic bouts of depression, with some stretches lasting longer than others. While I never reached the point of Seau’s low, I distinctly recall speeding down Interstate 75 toward Lexington, hoping (perhaps even praying) a tire would blow out and maybe I’d careen into a concrete siding. It would all be over, just like that.

I didn’t realize that made me just another warrior who couldn’t re-enter society and find happiness after no longer doing battle on Sundays.

I got lucky – I had family, friends, medicine, a church and a therapist who helped pull me out of my lowest points. That tire never blew out, and for that I’m eternally grateful. I never realized how good life was going to be.

I don’t know what was going through Junior Seau’s mind at the moment he decided to take his own life.

I don’t know what was going through Skip Bayless’ mind at the moment he decided to tastelessly tweet about Seau.

I do know, however, that both were acts by desperate men – Seau was in need of help; Bayless was in need of attention. Seau was a sick man, one who thought the only solution on the wrong end of a gun. Bayless is a sick man, one thinks the only thing that matters is Skip Bayless.

I hope we can learn from this. I hope we take away that no matter how big/strong/tough a person seems, we never know what’s happening behind closed doors. And I hope we know that if suicidal thoughts start to overwhelm you, you realize there’s help; please, for real, get help. Don’t be a Seau.

I also hope we know that our words have actions, even when they’re cowardly tweeted by a blowhard who should know better. Try caring. Try loving. Try helping. Don’t be a Bayless.

Because, you know, nobody likes an asshole.


1 thought on “Skip Bayless reaches new lows tweeting about Seau

  1. I agree. Seau’s suicide aside, Skip Bayless is one of those people that is contrarian no matter what because it gets ratings. His opinion doesn’t matter much to me. Liked the post.

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