Looking back: Youth pastor’s death puts a light on depression

(Note: This was originally printed in June 2006 in the Georgetown News-Graphic.)
I didn’t really know Michael Sanders. I would see him every Sunday at Faith Baptist Church, where he served as youth minister since August 2003, but I only talked to him a handful of times, probably three at most.

Last Monday, while looking through some old copies of the News-Graphic, I stumbled across a People You Should Know featuring Michael. The picture of him wearing a cowboy hat and strumming a guitar made me chuckle, and I hoped he could play a few more chords than the five or so I know.

In addition to the guitar, we had a few other things in common, including being fans of the Harry Potter books and The Simpsons. I made a mental note Monday to say hello to him at the next church service, maybe pulling out a treasured Homer Simpson quote.

Last Tuesday, I learned Michael Sanders took his own life.
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Skip Bayless reaches new lows tweeting about Seau

Skip Bayless can go straight to hell.

In the days after former NFL legend Junior Seau’s suicide, ESPN talking head and alleged journalist Skip Bayless, a man notorious for knowing absolutely nothing about anything, proved to be an expert in at least one thing: moronic Twitter messages.
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