1,000 Words: Boy bands 4-eva, or A Boy Band of Brothers

At a Halloween party in 2009, the three guys pictured below (from left, John Martin, who was originally dressed as “John Martin;” me, dressed as Tobias Fünke from Arrested Development; and Cory Graham, dressed as Alex from A Clockwork Orange) decided we should have a picture taken in the style of mid-1990s boy bands. John Martin as “John Martin” is the only one who remained in his original costume for the album cover, but we each added on layers of boy band awesomeness for our debut album, Stairway to Nowhere.
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1,000 Words: Grandfathers

My grandfather, with his body’s deterioration finally catching up to his mind’s head start, stayed bed-bound downstairs while my dad looked after him during the day. It was two generations of Strother Halls, back under one roof, with the younger version now fully in charge, the patriarch at last, helping his Alzheimer’s-riddled father ease into this final stage as peacefully as possible.
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1,000 Words: Three Wheels and Hope

I am not a photographer, at least not a trained photographer.

Having spent eight years at a community newspaper, though, I picked up a few tricks here and there, and over time, I’ve managed to capture a few images I’ve thought were worth sharing. Over the coming weeks, I’m going to post a few in a new series I’m calling “1,000 Words.” I hope to post the image, maybe tell a bit about the shot itself and, if applicable, a story behind the image.
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