A touch of magic: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible”

Many of you, particularly my social media friends, have already seen this story, but I’m sharing it here to reach a wider audience to celebrate the love that has been showered on my friends. To those who are familiar with my friend Kellee, her battle with cancer and her journey to Disney, I ask you to continue spreading this type of joy. To those who are just now discovering this tale, I realize what follows is lengthy, but the payoff is worth it as, at least for me, it has helped reaffirm my faith in humanity.

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Look, I’m Woody. Howdy, howdy, howdy

Celebrities were out in full force in Lexington this weekend, spending their hard-earned famous dollars in places like Fayette Mall.

Or maybe not.

The celebrity I’m referring to actually happens to be me, and despite an occasional TV/radio appearance in the Lexington market, I’m far from being famous.
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