Electile dysfunction: No matter who wins, someone is always a loser

The election of 1984 should have been hotly contested, a real down-to-the-wire face-off between two evenly matched opponents duking it out over the top issues of the day.

It wasn’t.

It was ugly.

It was messy.

It was destined to scar the fragile psyche of the loser, who was so thoroughly trounced, he might never re-enter the world of politics.

Simply put, it was the greatest landslide victory (or the most lopsided defeat, depending on your vantage point) ever seen in American politics, the effects of which are still being felt to this day.

I, for one, have yet to fully recover.
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Dear Powell County: Congratulations, and thank you!

Listening to WSKV for the latest Election Night results.

One week ago today (almost this exact instant), Powell County voters gave an overwhelming message: we believe in James Anderson as the best leader for our future.

I couldn’t agree more (see this post for details).
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Dear Powell County: James Anderson is the best choice for judge-executive

I’m using my blog today to share a guest column my cousin Chris Nolan submitted to the Clay City Times in support of James Anderson for Powell County judge-executive. I’m asking my Powell County friends to take a few minutes to read (or perhaps re-read) what Chris has to say, then help share the message by posting the link on your own Facebook page, blog, Twitter account, skywriting message or whatever form of social media you have available.

I’ve known James since the mid-1980s and really got the chance to bond with him as we both sat on the end of the bench for the Powell County freshman and junior varsity basketball teams when we were freshmen and sophomores. At that time, much of our talks focused on one of three things: 1. how much we hated sitting on the bench; 2. which cheerleaders were the prettiest; 3. which schools’ locker rooms were the best.
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2012 Republican presidential field: Less than meets the eye

Ronald Regan’s historic landslide victory in the 1984 election might not fully be in jeopardy, but unless the 2012 Republican field shapes up soon, that 49-states-to-1 sweep could be challenged.

Ultimately, President Barack Obama has a few hurdles to overcome — particularly this country’s economic crisis and the future of health care – but people seem less interested in talking about the big issues and prefer to focus on things of the past – namely the fact that he’s black (half true) and Kenyan (not true).
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Politics can bring out the idiot in most everyone

Like millions of Americans today, I voted.

Like millions of Americans today, I’m tired of the 2010 election.

In Kentucky, particularly in Central Kentucky, specifically in Georgetown, things got nastier than ever before, as candidates both national, state and local slung mud with the enthusiasm and accuracy of feces-slinging monkeys.
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Most Georgetown City Council candidates leave much to be desired

Note: For those of you accessing this blog after reading a column in Georgetown News-Graphic, please be advised that the following is rated “M” for Mature and contains adult language, sexual situations and partial nudity.

The hard part of the upcoming Georgetown City Council election might be finding eight people to mark on the ballots. With the extreme dysfunction of the past four years (including several “What the Hell?” moments in the past two), I fully support the idea of bringing some change to the group.

Finding the right would-be leaders to bring about that change, though, might prove to be somewhat tough.
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All my rowdy friends are coming over Election Day

If you’re ready for more than some football, read on.

Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Joe Biden might have such muscial luminaries as Bruce Springsteen, but Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin happen to have muscial support from a guy you might know as Bocephus.
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