Thinking back to Haiti

Two years ago this morning, I woke up in Haiti with only five familiar faces there to guide me. I left on the mission trip hoping to not only help the people of the village but to also gain a better handle on myself, all in the name of Trying to Be a Better Person.

(For more on the trip, visit Secret Haitian Man).
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So … there I’ll be

I’ll be going on a brief hiatus from So … There I Was while I travel to Haiti on a mission trip. For those of you who check this page regularly, I thank you for your support and interest and encourage you to continue to do so (and feel free to tell friends, family, neighbors, enemies). In the meantime, I ask you to follow my trip on a special blog I’ve created: Secret Haitian Man. There, I’ll be posting pictures and thoughts on the trip, the people, the places and basically anything of note that happens. I hope to use my time away as a chance to really focus my energy on some writing (well, in addition to the regular “mission” work), so I hope you will stay in touch through the blog.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you back here soon.