10 years later: How a community newspaper covered Sept. 11

Our publisher walked into the newsroom, telling us we should monitor the morning TV broadcasts, not that anything was major, but just in case.

A plane had hit the World Trade Center, which while definitely unusual, was nothing we’d normally cover in Georgetown, Ky., where we focused our reporting efforts on news inside Scott County’s borders.

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Politics can bring out the idiot in most everyone

Like millions of Americans today, I voted.

Like millions of Americans today, I’m tired of the 2010 election.

In Kentucky, particularly in Central Kentucky, specifically in Georgetown, things got nastier than ever before, as candidates both national, state and local slung mud with the enthusiasm and accuracy of feces-slinging monkeys.
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Iron Man reminds you to kindly shut up during his movie

I love movies

I hate going to the movies.

This, of course, poses a bit of a problem, particularly when I want to see a new summer film, most of which are more enjoyable on a huge movie screen with a high-class sound system.

But even with the perks of a movie theater, we still have to deal with the jerks of a movie theater, with most of them seeming to always find themselves sitting directly behind me.
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Most Georgetown City Council candidates leave much to be desired

Note: For those of you accessing this blog after reading a column in Georgetown News-Graphic, please be advised that the following is rated “M” for Mature and contains adult language, sexual situations and partial nudity.

The hard part of the upcoming Georgetown City Council election might be finding eight people to mark on the ballots. With the extreme dysfunction of the past four years (including several “What the Hell?” moments in the past two), I fully support the idea of bringing some change to the group.

Finding the right would-be leaders to bring about that change, though, might prove to be somewhat tough.
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