Lollapalooza: The Dork Knight Rises

It feels a bit odd to be heading into the first weekend of August and not be heading up to Chicago.

After five straight years of attending Lollapalooza, this marks the second year in a row I’ve missed out on the madness, and to be honest, I might not go back again. Between an increase in costs (tickets, airfare, hotels) and a decrease in bands I want to see, the better option appears to be to stick with five great years of memories (most of which it seems involved strangers asking me for drugs; the strongest thing I ever had was ibuprofen).
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Lollapalooza 2010: Sorry bands, but it’s about the food

I made a recent discovery about Lollapalooza that changes pretty much everything about my approach to the concert festival heading into the 2010 version.

It’s no longer about the music. Sure, seeing Arcade Fire, Lady Gaga and others will be fun, but really, it’s about Chicago. Lollapalooza gives me one chance each year to spend some time in my favorite city, all while having some cool music as a backdrop.
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