The Best TV Shows of 2010, at least according to me

It’s not been a banner year for television.

Just a few months ago, I found myself anxiously awaiting the start of the new TV season, but now, there’s only been one new show that captured my attention (AMC’s The Walking Dead, which has wrapped up its six-episode first season).
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Summer TV suggestions off to a Bad start

You have nice taste in TV shows.

Last week, I asked for help in picking out which shows to watch this summer, and I’ve had several suggestions (some in the comments section, some from actual face-to-face conversations) telling me I should watch Breaking Bad. I started the first season Monday night, plowing through four episodes and having to force myself to stop and get some sleep.
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What’s next?

Each summer, I try to pick a new TV show or two to watch on DVD. This can be a series that’s already completed its run or a current series that I can catch up on and then watch new episodes in the fall.

With Lost officially over (and the Season 6 DVDs not due until later this year), I’m anxious to find something new to settle in with over the next few weeks (and, if good, perhaps over the next few seasons/years).
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